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Gina Loehr

Writer. Author. Speaker. Mother.


A Bit About Me

                          My Story

I never expected to move to Wisconsin, marry a dairy farmer and have six kids. But God's plans are bigger than ours, and St. Thérèse has a way of arranging surprises - I'd love to tell you that story sometime! In the first decade of our marriage, Joe and I ushered our children into the world while I wrote five books and Joe ran the century-old Loehr family farm. Now, mostly, I mother. But I also speak to women, and listen to women speak, about the things that matter most.


The Church is Our Mother: Seven Ways She Inspires Us to Love

My newest book

A real labor of love, I started writing this book when I was pregnant with my fifth child and saw it published after my sixth was born. I loved the process of reflecting on how motherhood has helped me understand Mother Church, and how Mother Church has helped me understand motherhood. It's my most personal manuscript, and my dad and my brother think it's my best!


Holiness embellishes our inborn beauty as nothing else can.

From Choosing Beauty by Gina Loehr